Essential Amino Acids are the nine amino acids that you can’t produce on your own. Therefore, you must obtain them by taking supplements and dietary protein.

EAA’s are technically the compounds of protein and assist our bodies in producing protein. Without EAA’s our bodies can’t produce muscles, tissues and organs. When you hear that you need protein for healthy longevity, it actually means that you need EAA’s. 

When our bodies lack dietary protein, they rely on our muscles to temporarily source EAA’s. Because of this, people with more muscle mass have higher survival rates when they experience life-threatening illnesses. 

The USDA recommends a minimal amount of daily protein and EAA’s for proper muscle maintenance. However, this amount alone isn’t sufficient for everyone.

The EAA ratio within the body:

Within our bodies, there are thousands of chemical reactions and processes that occur as one. Therefore, we need the right balance for things to run accordingly.

Because amino acids play a vital role in our bodies, the stability of our amino acid levels is a high metabolic priority. 

When the concentration in our amino acid pool gets low, our bodies need to break down muscle protein to supply EAA’s. When the concentration gets too high, our body works to degrade the excess amino acids and brings the levels back to normal.

What this means is that EAA’s don’t function independently and need to work with each other, in specific concentrations, to carry out protein synthesis. Taking the right supplements with the correct ratio is very important because taking the wrong supplements can actually be consequential.


Patented EAA ratio:

The precise combination and ratio of EAA’s that is needed to encourage muscle growth and repair was discovered through extensive research and led to a patent being granted in 2016. Supplements that have this precise ratio are able to effectively carry out muscle growth and repair as well as healthy brain and liver function.

Retain, stimulate and produce muscle protein:

  • 3x more effective compared to dietary protein and 32x more effective than BCAA’s alone
  • Prevents muscle loss and supplies the required amount of EAA’s in between meals, which keeps the amino acid pool stable.
  • Allows our bodies with the right concentration of EAA’s at the right time.

Maintain Weight:

  • Restricts calories while maintaining muscles, which allows us to lose fat.
  • An increase in muscle mass and protein means faster metabolism and more calories burnt.
  • No extra calories are taken on unlike other protein sources.

Optimal Brain Function:

  • EAA’s serve directly as important neurotransmitters or as precursors, which affects your mood and behavior
  • Special molecules carry EAA’s to your brain. A limited number of transporters means that a change in the balance of amino acid effects which ones go to your brain.
  • When you take EAA supplements with the correct ratios during the day, your amino acid pool is always stable and ensure the right ratio of amino acids get transported and there is no unexpected responses. 

Optimize Liver Function:

  • Helps the liver produce its natural proteins which are albumin and fibrinogen
  • Prevents and aids in the treatment of fatty liver disease

EAA vs BCAA & Protein powders:

As mentioned above, EAA’s are 3x more effective compared to dietary protein and 32x more effective than BCAA’s alone in protein synthesis.

Dietary Protein:

  • Takes longer to get into the bloodstream as it needs to get digested first.
  • Digestion times vary according to the meal, which means that you don’t get the right concentration all at once.
  • People with digestion issues may experience negative consequences.


  • Only spikes certain amino acids which throw off the balance of our amino acid pools. This has a negative effect on the availability of amino acids that are needed for protein synthesis.
  • This also affects which amino acids get transported to your brain, which can have consequences to your behaviors.

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