When it comes to muscle growth and repair, your body needs a sufficient amount of protein. If you delve deeper into the makings of protein, you’ll find that they’re made up of amino acids. Amino acids are technically the building blocks of your life. While your body naturally produces some, there are nine essential amino acids (EAA’s) that need to be obtained from your diet. When you experience muscle loss, fatigue and poor concentration, it’s highly likely that your body is lacking in EAA’s.

This is where Peaak can help you. After 40 years of research and 24 research papers, we’ve created a range of supplements that provide you with the perfect ratio of the nine EAA’s. Because dietary protein and protein supplements contain unbalanced ratios, Peaak is your number one source to get the full benefit of EAA’s. When you obtain a sufficient amount of EAA’s, your body and mind experience a range of positive effects.

You’ll prevent muscle loss and breakdown, which will have you feeling stronger and younger with age. With increased endurance and improved muscle growth, you’ll greatly replenish your aging body. Also, by helping your body turn fat into fuel you’ll burn calories and look slimmer! And, with the added benefits of sharper concentration and better sleep, Peaak contains the essential building blocks that you need for healthy living.

Is the Peaak formula patented?

The short answer is yes. To become patented, a product must be unique to anything on the market which Peaak is. Next, by using a range of test subjects from Olympic athletes to cancer patients, the correct ratio of EAA’s was discovered. And unlike other muscle supplements, we have the proof to back it up. With these supplements going obsolete, Peaak is your ultimate solution to building a body that’s both physically and mentally strong. 

Not all EAA supplements are the same

As we said above, our scientists have spent 40 years researching EAA’s and have developed the exact ratio needed in order to optimize muscle protein synthesis.


Whey Protein Can’t Compare

  1. 20 calories per serving
  2. 0 carbs
  3. 0g of sugar
  4. Quick absorption
  5. Dairy free
  6. Vegan, non GMO
  7. No bloat or gas
  8. No artificial flavors or colors
  9. No fillers